Calaveras County Sheriff's Volunteer Unit

The Calaveras County Sheriff's Volunteer Unit is a group of highly motivated citizen volunteers who assist the Sheriff's Office by performing numerous administrative assignments, event monitoring, traffic control, vehicle patrol, educational programs and other assignments.

The Sheriff Volunteer Unit is a self governing non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has a paramilitary rank structure with the oversight of the Sheriff's Office Operations Bureau Captain. The unit consists of a Captain, Lieutenant and four Sergeants.

The Sheriff's Volunteer Unit was established in 1989 and has accomplished a wide variety of assignments since that time. In the early days, the unit was assigned to the Crime Prevention Office. In 1991 the volunteer unit became uniformed, making them more visible to the public along with new duties, including courtroom and rooftop security for high profile court cases.  

As the years went by, volunteers were given new and different assignments. Volunteers received marked patrol vehicles for patrolling, traffic control, vacation house checks, and public support for the Neighborhood Watch program and You Are Not Alone program. The volunteer force also mans the substations to assist the public, along with other duties and special assignments at the Sheriff's Office and Jail.

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Volunteers Needed

The Calaveras Sheriff Volunteer Unit welcomes serious minded retired or semi-retired individuals to apply for duty as a Sheriff Volunteer. Volunteers man the Sheriff Substations, complete residential, business and school patrols in marked vehicles as well as performing other non-law enforcement tasks. Training is provided. Applicant background checks are required. Senior citizens welcome!


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