Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET)

The purpose of the Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) is to locate, identify, and eradicate illegal marijuana operations in Calaveras County. MET is responsive to the community and prioritizes the eradication of cultivation sites that use processes and substances which are harmful to the environment. In addition, priority will be placed on sites that have negative effects on the quality of life of Calaveras County residents.

MET supports multiple county departments overseeing the regulation of commercial cannabis and embraces a multi-disciplinary approach to locating and eradicating illicit sites. Likewise, MET works with the Calaveras County District Attorney’s Office to conduct and submit prosecutable cases.

MET resourcefully utilizes all available resources while efficiently employing its funding. Furthermore, in accordance with State and Federal Law, MET actively seizes the illegitimate assets of illegal marijuana cultivators to hinder the continuance of criminal operations. 

MET functions as an arm of the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office and works cooperatively with other divisions and units including the Patrol Division, the Detective Bureau, and the SWAT team.