Marine Safety

The Marine Safety Division is staffed year round and patrols the waterways of Calaveras County. Deputies assigned to this division complete State approved boating safety and enforcement courses along with training in the operation and handling of the Marine Safety boats. Deputies also complete Boating Accident Investigation and Boating Under the Influence Investigation courses to provide the best service to the county.

The Sheriff’s Office receives funding from the California Department of Boating and Waterways through The Boating Safety and Enforcement (BS&E) Financial Aid Program. This program provides State financial aid to local government agencies whose waterways have high usage by transient boaters and an insufficient tax base to support a boating safety and enforcement program. The program is intended to augment existing local resources for boating safety and enforcement activities.

With a population of roughly 46,000 people in Calaveras County and an increasing amount of tourist boating traffic, the summer boat patrol period is busy with the enforcement of laws, investigation of accidents and rescue operations. During this time additional deputies, reserves and extra hires are utilized to augment the program.

A very important component of keeping the lakes safe and enforcing the law is boating safety education. The Sheriff's Office strongly encourages all boating enthusiasts to take a boater safety course. Our staff instructs students, residents and visitors each year in boating safety in hopes of decreasing the number of boating accidents.  

The State of California also requires boaters to possess a California Boater Card while in operating a boat. Our Marine Safety Deputies can provide more information on this and other boating laws any time.                       

Your safety on the waterways is our #1 concern!