Active Reserves

Calaveras County Sheriff has an active Reserves Program. The purpose of this organization is to assist and render volunteer peace officer services to the Sheriff’s Department when such assistance is essential to public welfare and safety. Participation in the program mainly entails voluntary service with some paid compensation for special events.

Each year, Reserve Deputies collectively volunteer more than 3,139 hours of service. That is at a cost of ‘ZERO’ dollars to the tax payers of Calaveras County. All of the Reserve Deputies, assisting in public safety, are volunteers that donate their time to make certain that the public can attend local functions and events safely.

The Reserve Program is comprised of members to supplement the Sheriff’s Office law enforcement duties. Like full-time deputies, Reserve Deputies are trained and duly sworn law enforcement personnel. Since Reserve Deputies have the same powers of arrest as full-time deputies, they are required by law to meet the same hiring, background, medical and psychological standards as full-time deputies. Level I Reserve deputies perform a total of sixteen (16) hours of participation per calendar month. Level II Reserve deputies perform a total of eight (8) hours of participation per calendar month. Members of the Reserve Program meet on a monthly basis as well as participate in ongoing perishable skills trainings.

Membership in the Sheriff’s Reserves is restricted to persons that:

  • Are U.S. citizens of good standing and reputation
  • Are a minimum of 21 years of age
  • Have no felony convictions
  • Are not under indictment or awaiting trial for any crime
  • Are not involved in any litigation as a member of another law enforcement agency
  • Reside where they are able to meet a reasonable response time to the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department Headquarters
  • Are in compliance with physical and education requirements of a regular deputy
  • Qualify as a minimum Level II Reserve officer as prescribed by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.)

Service includes but is not limited to the following: Patrol, Bailiff, Jail, Dispatch, training (includes outside agency, range, and Internet or website based law enforcement specific training), administrative duties (includes background investigations and executive board duties), special functions approved by the unit, or call out assignments.

Reserves Scholarship Program

The Reserve Program gives two scholarships each year to local graduating students wanting to continue their education; one to a Bret Harte High School student and the other to a Calaveras High School student. The scholarships are designed to help deserving youth further their education. Calaveras County Sheriffs Reserves feel it's very important to give back to the community it serves.

Reserve Deputies play a vital role in Calaveras County and help to keep our
county a safe place to live, work, shop and play!