The Sheriff’s Office has installed a drop box outdoors in front of the main lobby to headquarters located at 1045 Jeff Tuttle Drive, San Andreas, CA. The purpose of this box is to allow other county departments and the community to submit documents after hours or anytime during the day if you do not want to or need to enter the building.

If your document submission requires a payment of fees, please include payment with your packet (check, money order, cashier’s check, etc. – NO CASH).

If the documents are related to a case, please include your case number.

Resident & Community Deputy Program

The Resident Deputy Program calls on deputies involved to patrol the communities where they live and routinely attend events and visit schools in their assigned areas. Resident Deputies cover other areas during their routine patrol, but focus their efforts in crime prevention by collaborating on community issues with residents, businesses, homeowners’ associations, schools, and other local and state agencies. Resident Deputies’ duties also include overseeing some Neighborhood and Business Watch groups as well as keeping Sheriff Dibasilio abreast of town halls and other events the sheriff may want to attend. Resident Deputies display exemplary dedication as peace officers and active community members.

The program was recently expanded by Sheriff Dibasilio to other areas of the county in an effort to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.