Inmate Commissary

The jail facility has an Inmate Commissary that sells items such as candy, snacks, toilet articles, etc. The facility manager will set the selling prices of these items, so that the inmate store remains financially self-sufficient. An added margin of profit may be levied on the items to provide for an Inmate Welfare Fund.

Money deposited in the Inmate Welfare Fund is spent by the facility manager solely for the benefit and welfare of the inmates confined in this jail. Such expenditures may include television sets, radios, recreation equipment, etc.

When an Inmate is received during the week for a commitment, he/she will be given toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap and comb. While an Inmate is incarcerated, they will be supplied with hygiene items for the duration of their stay as long as they have no money to purchase these items from the commissary store themselves.

Money can be placed on an inmates account using the links below. You will need the inmate's arrest number, call (209) 754-6499 for assistance.

Phone account information: (800) 844-6591

Bring cash or credit card to the jail lobby kiosk to be placed on an inmates account during regular business hours.

You may not place funds in an inmate's account if you have been incarcerated
in the Calaveras County Jail in the last 90 days.