Explorer Program

Our Sheriff's Explorer Program has created a volunteer partnership between youths in our community and law enforcement.  The explorers participate in community affairs and non-hazardous law enforcement activities. The explorer program is great for those youth considering a future career in law enforcement or those who just want to get involved and help out.

Although not all Explorers pursue this as their career, it provides them with a better understanding of the Laws that govern our society. The program provides the Explorers with "hands on" experience relating to their chosen career field.

The post holds regularly scheduled meetings with deputies who address the group on the various facets of a career in Law Enforcement. (Presentations include specialized fields such as: Crime Scene Investigations, SWAT Team, Hostage Negotiations, Incident Responses, Accident Investigations, etc.)

A limited job shadow (ride-a-long) program gives the Explorer firsthand knowledge of a patrol deputy’s duties by letting the Explorer ride in a patrol vehicle or observe dispatch during a regular shift.

Explorers often volunteer for civic and community projects such as traffic and crowd control, special event patrols (such as the county fair), and more.  Explorers are NOT Police Officers.


Encourage Positive Citizenship The program encourages desirable character traits, ethical conduct, sound morals, patriotism and respect for law and order so that the Explorers’ exemplary behavior might be emulated by their peers.

Active Participation By being involved in a positive community based program, the young person is able to occupy their spare time by providing worthwhile objectives to pursue.

Career Exploration The Sheriff’s Explorer Program provides young people in the community the opportunity to explore their interests and aptitudes in the field of law enforcement by on the job exposure to the Sheriff’s Department’s various duties.  Over the years, the post has continuously grown. The post members today include students from all over Calaveras County. Each year brings new ideas and more community participation.  For more information on joining our Sheriff’s Explorer Program, please contact Deputy Srgt. Villegas at (209) 754-6500.