Civil Division

The mission of the Civil Division is to serve all process in a reasonable and timely manner, while maintaining an impartial position between all parties involved. The Civil Division is involved with numerous types of process.


*The Sheriff is entitled to his fee for service whether or not the service is successful (Govt Code 26736 & 26738).

*Service of process on individuals in custody at the Calaveras County Jail will be processed by the Civil Division during normal business hours and are subject to the fees outlined above, except for service of domestic violence restraining orders pursuant to Govt Code 26721.

*Govt Code 26746 authorizes the Sheriff to collect a $12 assessment fee from a judgment debtor on each disbursement of money paid to a judgment creditor collected under a Writ of Attachment, Execution, Possession or Sale; excluding all child support obligation actions by the Department of Child Support Services.

Service Fee
Domestic Violence Restraining Order No Fee
Civil Harassment Restraining Order  $40
Summons ans Complaint, Summons and Petition  $40
Summons and Complaint, Prejudgement Claim and Right to Possession  $40 
Claims, Orders of Examinations, Notice of Hearings, Misc. Paper Services 


Civil Supoena  $40 
Civil Supoena for Deputy Appearance **Subject to change pursuant to GC 68097** $275/per day 
Civil Body of Attachment (Bench Warrant) - Issued pursuant to CCP 491.160(a)(1)(a) or 708.170(a)(1)(a)  $50 
Civil Body of Attachment (Bench Warrant) - Issued pursuant to CCP 1993 or 491.160(a)(1)(b) or 708.170(a)(1)(b) $140 
Civil Body of Attachment (Bench Warrant) - Issued pursuant to CCP 1209 for contemp only by a judicial officer No Fee 
Out of State Notary  $10 
Not Found Return (excluding Summons & Complaints) $35 

Cancellation of Any Service / Not found return for Summons & Complaints

Service Fee
3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit  $40 
30-Day Notice to Vacate  $40 
60-Day Notice to Vacate  $40 
Writ of Possession of Real Property (Unlawful Detainer) - Eviction Posting and Restoration  $145 
Writ of Possession of Real Property (Unlawful Detainer)  $40 
Cancellation - Prior to scheduled restoration  $40 
Service Fee
Earnings Withholding Order  $35 
Bank Levy, Book Levy, Third Party Levy, Monies Due, etc  $40
Safe Deposit Box - (Does not include actual costs for drilling the lock if necessary)  $135 
Personal Property (Claim and Delivery)  $100 + storage costs 
Vehicle Levy  $1,200 (deposit) 
Real Property Levy  $1,400 (deposit) 
Till Tap  $100 
Keeper Levy (8 hours)  $240 
Keeper Levy (12 hours)  $380 
Keeper Levy (24 hours)  $680 
Keeper Levy (48 hours) $1,300 
Not Found Return   $35 
Cancellation of Levy Prior to Completion  $40 
Other Fees Collected by the Sheriff
Service Fee
Live Scan Rolling Fee - Does not include DOJ or FBI transmittal fees (By appt only) $17     
Local Clearance Letter $20
Explosive Permit $74
Repossessed Vehicle Release Fee $15
Towed/Stored Vehicle Release Fee $60
CCW Permit, New - Please see CCW link for additional information related to these fees   $193
CCW Permit, Renewal $77
CCW Permit, Modification $10
Second Hand Dealer License - Sheriff's fee - $15, Livescan Fee - $49, DOJ Licensing Fee - $300 $364
Effective July 22, 2014
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Levy Payments-Civil Only


For all other payments by phone, cardholders can call 1-888-604-7888

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Legal Disclaimer
The majority of procedures and laws governing the service and execution of civil process are covered in the California Code of Civil Procedure (CCP). The law requires that all process brought to the Sheriff for service must be valid on its face, issued by a competent authority and accompanied by adequate legal instructions signed by the attorney or the party, if he/she has no attorney. The fees for service of process are set in accordance with the California Government Code, 26720 et.seq.