Sheriff Volunteer History

Volunteers 1The Calaveras County Sheriff's Department Volunteer Unit was formed in 1989 to assist the Sheriff's Department with administrative and other duties within the department. The unit was assigned to the Crime Prevention unit under the leadership and direction of DeputyJim Stenquist who was instrumental in organizing and developing the new unit. The volunteers selected for the pilot program were the late Dick German and his wife Helen of Murphys. The Germans had been active in many volunteer programs and had administrative backgrounds.

Geri Bojarski who retired as a municipal court clerk in Newhall was elected as the first Volunteer Lieutenant. Other volunteers included Mike Mikesell; John and Virginia Tremaine, Chuck Fleming, Carl Cain, Lloyd Bumpus and James Moody/ Initial training sessions included familiarization with Sheriff's Department operation and developing guidelines for the unit. Some of the first duties included department manual updating, clerical duties, telephone procedures and other administrative duties.

Volunteers 2In 1990 the volunteer unit took on the task of updating the department's business emergency notification program and completed that task by telephonic survey. Other duties at that time included Neighborhood Watch presentations, child fingerprinting programs, and foot patrol duties at community events, radio procedures, and general crime prevention programs such as residential and commercial building security, personal safety for seniors, operation identification and other public awareness programs.

In 1991 the volunteer unit became a uniformed unit, making them more visible to the public. The 13 volunteers which made up the unit at that time took another large step when they began assisting the department with courtroom security in such jobs as manning the court metal detector and rooftop security for high profile cases most notably the Charles Ng mass murder case. Other duties included assisting the county jail by observing inmates while in the exercise yard.

Volunteers 3Highlights of 1991 also included a first place ribbon at the county fair for their participation in presenting drug awareness and other programs to the citizens who attended the fair.

The 2010 Volunteer Unit presently has 25 sworn members (19 patrol certified and 6 office volunteers). They staff and operate 5 Sheriff Substations. Volunteers routinely patrol throughout the county with 7 Volunteer marked patrol cars. In 2009, they patrolled 43,139 miles and donated 10,087 hours of volunteer time. In 2011, the 23 volunteers donated 9557 hours and patrolled 43,785 miles.


The volunteer is a vital part of your Calaveras Sheriff's Department and its dedicated members have proven for over 22 years that:


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